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Switch of Fate 2 - Grace Quillen; Lisa Ladew
Grace Quillen; Lisa Ladew:
Switch of Fate 2 - livro usado

ISBN: 1986211231

ID: 20172663

All vampires must die." Flint Gibson is ready to lay down his life for The Cause, just so long as doing so results in a ton of dead vampires. He’s been planning a kamikaze mission for decades, not-so-patiently waiting for news about the vampires who killed his family. Because all vampires must die. Especially those vampires. The organized resistance building in the forests of North Carolina is interesting, but he doesn’t have time to romance a switch. Until a glowing green woman slams into him, stealing his heart with a confused but passionate kiss. Goldie Peletier has always been a good girl, prim and proper. She counted on following the rules to keep her safe in life. But she has a secret, one she hides deep in the darkest corners of her soul and has never told anyone. So when a massive bear of a man draws out her passion, telling her things that threaten to bring her secret into the light, she prepares to cut and run. Again. If Flint and Goldie manage to join hearts, the strength they add to The Cause could make them an unstoppable team. But things have never worked out "just right" for our Goldie, and once vampires show up in her world, she only spins further out of control. fiction,literature and fiction,romance Books, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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